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About Us

Our Purpose
Share Love and Wonder

The goal of Mork’s Planet is to spread happiness and compassion
and make a difference in the world.

We are committed to donating 20% Of Our Profits to nonprofits like
Road Dogs & Rescues  and other charitable causes. 

About Mork
Mork was rescued from a meat truck in China by Harbin SHS.
He was nearly dead but thankfully they got him the best care and he survived. When he was healthy, he flew to Road Dogs & Rescue in the US and was adopted by their founder.
Since then, Mork has become quite the IT 'Baby Yoda' dog on social media! But with his #chubbychibbychops there's way more to him than just resembling a cute character (ok, THE cutest character) on The Mandalorian!
Mork is a symbol of light and joy. His dancing chicken feet put a smile on our faces, and his story of survival against the odds inspires us to believe that it is possible to get through the worst of times.